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Are you our next superstar? 

Your role may encompass all aspects of enhancing our customers experience. 

Your primary role can be likened to that of a restaurant front of house, a relationship manager and a mentor in healing discovery for our tribe and our community - enriching and optimising the experience for each and every person on each and every visit – always looking for ways to connect, communicate and deepen relationships by engaging people in the ‘culture’ of VIP Health through conversation, relationship deepening, education, celebration, acknowledgement and follow-up.


This role in primarily a ‘frontline role’ -  in addition to the day to day frontline fun of phones, reception and general service-centered frontline experiences, your primary aim as a highly attuned team member which includes focus and attention to the following experiences:

Excellence in Service – you have been chosen because you are a talented and caring human, you are obsessed about details, you are service obsessed, and totally into people.  The way you welcome every person into our centre is remarkable.  They feel like they are the only person that matters.  Your attention to their frontline needs are delivered with kindness, compassion and a deep sense of awareness.  People leave our centre in brighter shape than they arrived, body, mind and life, partly because of you!


The role encompasses and number of key areas: 

  • manage communication flows between chiropractor/client

  • encourage an atmosphere of trust, openness and communication and an attitude based on working together and shared objectives

  • ensure that clients feel that they are involved, that their views are important and that they are acted upon

  • manage a communication framework and ensure that it is used effectively on every visit

  • maintain open communications and feedback system to practitioners relating to client feedback/updates

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