Holistic Therapist

Throughout her professional journey, Agata has been deeply committed to holistic wellness and personal growth.

As an Access Bars practitioner, she applies gentle touch on specific points on the head, hands and feet. This clearing technique facilitates relaxation and releases mental and emotional blockages. This brings relief from stress, anxiety, or depression leaving you balanced, focused and grounded.

Agata Ewa - Hub4BusyMind

  As a Holistic Therapist I am excited to work with
clients to reduce stress and providing clarity for their lives. 

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With a background in counselling, Agata provides compassionate support and guidance to her clients as they navigate life's challenges and transitions.

Agata is committed to helping others expand their awareness, develop new skills, and unlock their full potential. In her practice, Agata incorporates aromatherapy as a powerful tool for promoting relaxation, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

Driven by her passion for holistic healing and personal development, she inspires individuals to embrace their innate potential and create positive changes in their lives and communities.

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